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Manolis Haniotis (MSc Investment Management, 2004)

What is your current position/occupation?

Co-owner at the HANIOTIS Jewellery Group.

Founder and Creative Director at HONOR jewellery brand.

Why did you choose to study at Cass?

I chose Cass because it is one of the leading business schools in the U.K. As a student at Cass you get the opportunity to be trained by top academics with significant experience in the industry. Last but not least, the location and facilities of Cass Business School make it an attractive option for studies.

What is your most treasured memory of your time at Cass?

Almost a decade later, I remember studying with a group of intelligent, skilful and ambitious classmates. We had a great time studying at the School while trying to have as much fun in London as possible.

How did you get involved in the jewellery business?

I come from a family with a rich jewellery-making heritage. Since childhood I have been wandering around our family’s factory discovering the world of precious creations.

You have developed your own fashion jewellery brand, how did your inspiration come about?

Having spent most of my life in the U.K. and Greece I have been influenced by London’s underground urban culture and traditional Athenian jewellery-making . My creations are characterised by a subversive style and are often enforced with the use of powerful symbols.

You recently attended the alumni event in Athens. Why is it important for you to keep in touch with the alumni network?

The majority of Cass alumni are successful professionals. I find it interesting to exchange ideas with them regarding developments and trends in their field. It is really important that Cass maintains a strong alumni network because this encourages business interaction between us.

When you’re not working, what’s your favourite thing to do in London / Athens?

I always enjoy spending time with friends. During the weekends we try to escape from the city life and visit mountains for skiing during the winter or Greek islands during the summer.

And lastly, what does the future hold for you?

Trying to predict the future is not wise. What I try to do every day is to gradually add value and strengthen our brands so that we will be able to take the next steps forward.

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