Moscow skyline

MSc Masterclass Moscow 2018

28th February 2018 19.00
Hotel National
15/1 Mokhovaya str. bld. 1
Moscow, 125009
Russian Federation

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The MSc recruitment team will be travelling to Moscow for their annual Masterclass and networking reception. Prospective Cass students and staff will be in attendance, and the team would be delighted to have alumni join the event. Following the masterclass there will be a reception with refreshments.

Dr Dirk Nitzsche, Associate Dean of Internationalisation, will deliver this Masterclass titled; What can we Expect from Equity Markets over the next few Decades? Especially from the US Stock Market.

The second half of the 20th Century saw a tremendous increase in the value of stocks all over the world and in particular the US. In the literature this is known as the equity premium puzzle. And even in the 21st century stock markets all over the world have performed well apart from two slowdowns during the financial crisis. The questions on everyone’s mind is what can we expect from the stock market over the next few decades (the long run)? This is an important question for pension funds, policy makers as well as retail and institutional investors. This Masterclass looks at a simple model to determine the fair value of stock markets and draws some conclusion. Based on this theoretical framework can we expect similar high returns than the ones we have seen over the last 30 years?

This event is free to attend but please ensure you register below.

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