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Frankfurt Masterclass and Alumni Networking

Date: Monday 7th March 2016
Time: 19:00 - 21:00
Location: Hilton Frankfurt Hotel

Speaker: Dr Dirk Nitzsche

Fund manager selection.  How can we distinguish between skill and luck of the performance of mutual funds?

With almost $30 trillion invested in mutual funds worldwide, this financial product plays an important role when it comes to long term saving.  In the US more than 50 percent of households have investments in mutual funds. Apart from retail investors institutional investors also invest in those portfolios offered by asset management companies and investment banks. With management fees of around 2% the industry makes billions of Dollars managing their clients wealth. With thousands of funds to choose from, how can we identify skilful funds. This Masterclass introduces intuitively a methodology which allows us to distinguish between luck and skill amongst the performance of mutual funds. 

Refreshments will be provided.

Image credit © Flickr user David Schiersner