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Alumni Stories

Business School alumni are doing fantastic and innovative things all around the world. We have been tracking them down and having a chat about how they got to where they are today from their degree. Subscribe to the blog to be the first to get the latest interviews.

Reza Hekmat, Actuarial Science, 2014 - on income insurance for millennials

Mohamed Farid Saleh, Quantitative Finance, 2008 - on taking home prestigious prize at British Council Alumni Awards in Egypt

Anton Lindh, Finance with a Specialism in Corporate Finance, 2012 - on his Scandinavian, stylish and sustainable brand

Alexander Scharrer, Investment and Financial Risk Management, 2016 - on securing place on prestigious Schwarzman Scholars programme

Anne Welsh, Banking and Investment Management, 2008 - on Pain-less: Living with Pain, Finding Joy

Blake Reddy, Banking and International Finance, 2012 - on making the most of your next adventure

Dr Andrew Moffatt, Executive MBA, 2011 - on building a veterinary empire

Fabrizio Nicoli, Executive MBA in Dubai, 2014 - on MBA Thesis given the 'sign' of approval by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

Cara Macklin, MBA, 2017 - on leading the way in innovation and coaching

Neeta Patel, Marketing MBA, 1995 - on being an entrepreneurial and experienced business leader

Todor Madzharov, Management, 2011 - on supporting people with working more effectively

Peter Storey, MBA Strategic Management, 2004 - on the future of film finance

Eshita Kabra, Management, 2014 - on sustainability in a fast-fashion world

Daniel Volpe, Business Undergraduate Exchange, 2008 - on being an official expert in risk management

Isabella Aberle, Executive MBA, 2018 - on her innovative approach to personalising the experiences of online consumers

Angus Forbes, MBA, 1994 - on protecting the biosphere

Tamara Hasan, Banking and International Finance, 2003 - on taking home prestigious prize at alumni awards in Qatar

Davinia Tomlinson, Executive MBA, 2017 - on helping women take control of their finances

Christian Klotz, Management, 2016 - on being a recipient of the Sandhu Charitable Foundation Scholarship

Tripti Maheshwari, Finance, 2015 - on migration made easy

Gareth Evans, MBA, 2017 - on exercising ethically

Philip Keeler, Executive MBA, 1993 - on Kent's biggest little festival

Pearce Watson, MBA, 2014 - on being a recipient of the Pettman Scholarship

Weiyen Hung, MSc Finance, 2010 - on future-proofing finance

Anthony Noun, Executive MBA, 2017 - on disrupting the PR industry with dialogic methods at Brægen

Sean Anderson, BSc Business Studies, 2014 - on launching his rebel clothing brand Good For Nothing the same week as his finals

Stuart Ross, BSc Business studies, 1987 - on business growth with and personal growth at

Claire Hall, MSc Charity Marketing and Fundraising, 2014 - transitioned from the charity sector to digital and found plenty of charitable links and skills crossover

Drew Midgley, BSc Banking and International Finance, 2007 - now runs a vintage-inspired lighting company with his brothers

Marcello Giannuzzi, Executive MBA, 2014 - is one of two Business School alumni behind DubbaHood, connecting local cooks with local foodies

Akash Ghai, NGO Management, 2013 - now runs Development3 which helps companies with their corporate social responsibility

Andrew Carroll, MBA, 2010 - offers insights to retailers and digital receipts to customers with Yocuda

Silvio Regis, MSc Masters in Innovation, Creativity and Leadership, 2016 - is transforming the events booking space in Brazil

Michael Hadjijoseph, Investment Finance and Risk Management, 2011 - is helping theatregoers, theatres and actors and creating a theatre community, all with one app

Dhruv Bonnerjee, MBA, 2016 - has formed Wherewolf, a shopping app for finding items in stores near you, along with fellow MBA alumnus Ryan D’Souza and co-founder Manavdeep Singh

Fredrik Segerby BSc Business Studies, 2013 - has launched Tailify, making influencer marketing easy, with fellow alumni Fredrik Martini Andersson and Didrik Svendsen

Axel Katalan BSc Management, 2012 - owns Pointr, who create interactive maps for indoor locations, so you'll never get lost again

Richard Williams Executive MBA, 2014 - launched Revenant Cider along with three other MBA alumni from his cohort

Nancy O'Hare Modular Executive MBA, 2014 - has published her first travel book following a radical change of direction from 20 years in finance in oil and gas

Neil Kerfoot MSc NGO Management, 2012 - runs a radically different charity, Village by Village. Volunteers very welcome!

Kaniyet Rayev BSc Management, 2016 - is creating innovative co-working spaces in great locations

Björn Stjernquist, MSc Finance with a Specialism in Investments, 2012 - wants to put the fun back in to fundraising with a new charity crowdfunding site

Massimiliano Gritti, BSc Business Studies, 2016 - has launched a luxury lifestyle shop focussing on Europe's finest craftsmen

Patrick Fischer, Executive MBA, 2012 - combined MBA business acumen with his film background, and has already won a BAFTA

Deniz Sasal, Executive MBA, 2013 - on moving from a corporate role to teaching people how to improve their careers

Emilie Bellet, Business Studies, 2007 - on getting women to talk about money and take control of their finances

Tom Miller, Executive MBA, 2014 - on setting up a craft beer company with MBA coursemates James Cartwright and Chris Mortensen

Claire Bridges, Masters in Innovation, Creativity and Leadership, 2015 - has published a book "The Elements of Creativity" inspired by her degree

Subal Charla, MBA, 2013 - had 5,000 people waiting for his rucksack brand, Charlie Feist, to launch - he told us how!

Ralf Arditti, BA Administrative Sciences, 1970 - was instrumental in promoting the Business School in Turkey, we spoke for #Cassat50

Mira Rutter, MSc Banking and International Finance, 2003 - wanted to be in M&A and is now a personal development and wellbeing coach

Andrew Dakovsky, MBA, 2000 - came to the Business School to improve his career prospects, we chatted for #Cassat50

Francois de Vinols & Koorosh Madani, BSc Investment and Financial Risk Management, 2013 - on their revolutionary concept to get us recycling paper coffee cups

Sasha Saenko, BSc Management, 2011 and MSc Supply Chain, Trade & Finance, 2012 - on mentoring and the value of a Business School degree for #Cassat50

Michael Voice, MSc Shipping, Trade and Finance, 2011 - on getting in to agriculture, and "the perfect job"

Julien Mazurek, MSc Management, 2006 - left stockbroking to launch his own honeymoon-focussed luxury travel company

Jeanette Cowley, MBA, 1982 - on improving her career prospects with an MBA for #Cassat50

Zaheed Nizar, BSc Banking and International Finance, 1999 - for #Cassat50 on knuckling down after a work placement

Peter Johnson, MBA Administrative Sciences, 1968 - on career successes in Holland and Canada for #Cassat50

Tatiana Serganova, BSc Business and International Finance, 2011 - for #Cassat50 including her mentoring experience

Dr John Mitchell, PhD, 1988 - on how his PhD set him up for a life of consultancy for #Cassat50

Juliet Valdinger, MSc Grantmaking, Philanthropy and Social Investment, 2013 - on why she turned to philanthropy for #Cassat50

Danial Abbas, BSc Investment and Financial Risk Management, 2010 - on studying at the Business School for #Cassat50

Richard Storey, MBA Administrative Sciences (then known as an MSc), 1969 - in our continuing #Cassat50 series

Anna Iozzino, MSc Business Studies, 1994 - is featured in our #Cassat50 series

Steve Richards, BSc Management and Systems, 1976 - talks about his experiences for #Cassat50

Martin Andersen, MSc Real Estate Investment, 2011 - founded online marketplace Easyoffer with his brother

Lubna Tiwana, MSc Investment Management, 1999 - named as one of 100 Pond's Miracle Women 2016 in Pakistan

Dia Thanki, BSc (Hons) Management and Systems - quit her project management job to start a record label and launch her solo artist career

Ygal Levy, BSc Business Studies, 2012 - expanded his horizons at the Business School and now opens new markets with start-up Bird Office

Ashuveen Linsbichler (neé Bhadal), Executive MBA, 2013 - co-founder (with her husband, a fellow Business School alum) of VEVA, an app that meets all your going out needs

Mila Kayukala, MSc Innovation, Creativity and Leadership, 2014 - now running her own creativity workshops "Off We Go"

Sonya Barlow, Business Studies, 2015 - mentee of the year 2015 and nominated for We Are The City Rising Star Awards 2016

Minu Batish, Mathematical Trading and Finance, 2009 - left investment banking for her own charity recruitment start-up

Nicolai Schumann, MBA, 2009 - set up his own fashion line with his sister, and is also a guest lecturer at the Business School and other institutions

Inigo Alegria and Richard Crosfield, MBA, 2014 - studied together and continued to collaborate, and now have launched an app to optimise your enjoyment of London's nightlife

Adrian Swinscoe, MBA, 2001 - has had an interesting career path and now authored a book on his business insights

Tassos Papantoniou, Shipping, Trade and Finance, 2007 - launched a digital address book app

Graham Evans, Banking and International Finance, 1989 - created an app for smarter networking

Nikos Iatrou, Property Valuation and Law, 2006 - now has his own portfolio of luxury holiday villas in Mykonos

Oscar de Sequeira NazarethInvestment and Financial Risk Management, 2004 - now purveyor of India's top rated spirit

Riya Pabari, Investment Management, 2009 - changed from Investment Banking to Social Enterprise

Patrick Beraud, Executive MBA, 2014 - now running a tech start-up in Melbourne 

Simon Barker, Executive MBA, 2008 - now running his own PR business

Basak Sen Sasal, Management with Specialism in Strategic Management, 2011 - now an entrepreneur in Dubai

Henrik Ottosson, Banking and International Finance, 1998 - now an entrepreneur for a crowdfunding investment site

Mark Shooter, Actuarial Science, 1992 - now Mayor of Barnet

Jeanette Purcell, MBA, 2002 - entrepreneur and former Chief Executive of the Association of MBAs