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Could you support Bayes and the next generation of Bayes students?

These are unprecedented times for us all. We are conscious that many of our students and those who have been looking forward to joining Bayes from September have had their lives turned upside down by the coronavirus crisis. We’ve heard from students of the Class of 2020 who are faced with worries and fears of severely reduced job prospects after graduating in July. Others may find themselves financially unable to commence their studies at Bayes in autumn because their families are faced with Covid 19-related unemployment and economic hardship.  

This is why we're asking alumni if you could consider supporting Bayes in one of the ways outlined below. By helping us recruit students for the MSc and MBA courses or making a donation, you’ll be creating opportunity and real help to Bayes and our current and prospective students during these extremely challenging times.

Help to recruit the next generation of Bayes students

You can support the Student Recruitment team by giving confidence to the next generation of Bayes students seeking to learn about the benefits and the impact of a Bayes degree, the student experience and the value of the Bayes alumni network.

Bayes would also like you to approach potential students who you believe would like to come to Bayes. They may be colleagues, friends or people who are furloughed or unemployed. You may also know parents whose children would benefit from coming to Bayes.

Share your career journey Refer a prospective student










Donate to the Bayes Covid-19 emergency scholarship fund

Bayes and the Bayes Alumni Board have launched a special appeal for a one-off Covid-19 emergency scholarship fund to support students for MSc and MBA courses from September, aiming to raise £250,000, to provide each successful scholarship applicant with up to 25 per cent of their tuition fees.

Robert Legget, Chairman of the Bayes Alumni Board, is therefore appealing to you personally to make a minimum donation of £500 (US$600) to this fund and join the Bayes 500, the number needed to achieve £250,000. He and the thirteen members of the Bayes Alumni Board have already collectively donated £15,000 toward this emergency scholarship fund.

By making a donation, you will enable students to commence their studies at Bayes who may otherwise not be able to benefit from a Bayes education at this difficult time.