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Student Support

Student Support is there to help students who find themselves in situations where there is a real danger that they will not be able to complete their studies.

The impact that Student Support made upon Justyna Wolczyk’s studies was both life-changing and degree-saving. Justyna studied for a BSc in Banking and International Finance and quickly realised that pursuing her studies was going to be a financial struggle.

“I knew the money from my two part time jobs – making pretzels and working in an ice-cream parlour – would cover my rent, but how was I going to eat, clothe myself, and afford books? The Student Support fund solved that problem and allowed me to focus and study with a real peace of mind.”

Justyna’s talent for mathematics and work ethic are enabling her to excel within her field. She has already spent a year on placement at American Express who were then impressed enough to offer her a job after she graduated. “Without that support I think I would have been in a very different place, and I’d like to thank all those who have donated to the Business School. You are amazing!”

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