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Care Leavers Initiative

Supporting and enabling young care leavers to achieve their academic potential through our dedicated care programme is a priority at Bayes. Breaking the social care cycle is essential in giving these young adults the chance to see a promising future unfold. With that in mind, we aim to not only attract more care leavers to Bayes through our outreach work, but when they are here to provide them with a comprehensive support package that includes an annual bursary, a designated member of staff to offer them practical and pastoral support, priority accommodation that extends through the summer, priority for professional mentoring, and mental health monitoring.

Robin is just one of our young students who grew up whilst moving in and out of care. The constant disruption, the lack of a family who he could rely upon, and a sense that he was not as bright as his ever-changing classmates – Robin changed school five times throughout his education – left him low on confidence and ambition. However, a visit from a higher education outreach officer convinced him that he had the ability and was only lacking the confidence to aim high. A talent for business studies and computing helped him choose a path that eventually led to a BSc in Business Studies at Bayes.

“Attending college and then university felt like the most frightening steps I could take. Yet deep down I knew I had to give it a go. The help and support – not least the bursary – that I got when I was there were so important. I cannot stress that enough. Without it I would have felt incredibly alone and may well have dropped out, probably after a few weeks.”

Robin graduated with first class honours and has a message for you all: “Thank you so much for your support. I feel like I’m ready to take on the world now.”

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