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Hilary Moore (Executive MBA 2011)

Hilary Moore, who already had a PhD and English language teaching qualification, came to do an Executive MBA at Cass in 2009. She arrived on our full Times Executive Scholarship as an experienced communications trainer with lots of international experience. She graduated top of her MBA class in 2011 - an achievement anyway, but pretty remarkable considering she was 5 months pregnant, gave birth 2 months before her first exams, was raising a one-year old and working full time through electives and thesis writing!

Hilary has now gone on to do even more. In the 18 months since graduating, she has started her own company publishing business communications books and audio sets for non-native speaker business people. Her first business book "Great Business English" - - is out now.

Hilary says: "I was frustrated by most of the books already on the market. While they are good for in-depth study for full time students, they are not practical for busy executives. It is very hard to find in them the language managers really need to conduct international business effectively.

Great Business English does a few things differently - it is quick and practical, so business people can find the language they need easily, before or even during telephone calls or meetings.

I've used my business knowledge from my MBA, as well as my experience as a communications and language teacher to create phrases that are real and effective for international business.

Finally, it uses a unique word menu system to present multiple related phrases in their best context."

Since writing Great Business English, Hilary has become a Communications Specialist at McKinsey.

Her next project? "English for HR" and "English for Sales and Marketing" are already in the pipeline", she says.

Paul Knighton (MSc Insurance & Risk Management 2007)

Paul is taking a career break to compete in The Clipper Round the World yacht race. Whilst at sea he is blogging about his journey and you can follow his blog updates here!

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James Dawson (EMBA 2004)

James Dawson (EMBA, 2004) launched his wine tasting company, Humble grape, in August 2009. The concept behind 'humble grape' is to make really good wines more accessible to every day drinkers both in terms of price and understanding. We offer a very personalised service to a small number of clients and guide them towards discovering the grapes and wines they will love and not what critics recommend. We take the mystique out of the wine experience and explain it in easy to remember terms.
High quality wines are sourced from independent boutique vineyards at reasonable prices. These wines are all produced in small quantities and as such will not be available from supermarkets.
It is a hobby business run on a part time basis with wine tastings held every 5 weeks in a purpose designed wine bar in the city.
This allows the client to taste a number of very interesting wines along with organic cheeses and hams in a friendly comfortable environment. Fellow Cass alumni can attend the informative wine tasting events by visiting

Jemima Gibbons, Periodical Journalism 1988, MBA (ebusiness) 2001

Inspired by Cass
‘Monkeys with Typewriters: Myths and realities of social media at work’ by Jemima Gibbons with a foreword by Luis Suarez, IBM
The idea for ‘Monkeys with Typewriters’ originally came to me as I prepared to teach a leadership elective at Cass back in 2005.
The birth of Web 2.0 and the emphasis on user-generated content and bottom-up development seemed to have a natural synergy with the push in business for distributed or dispersed leadership. I wanted to explore the relationship between the two. Four years later, it’s wonderful to see that my vision is finally a reality in the form of a book.
 'A timely and thoughtful reflection on how the social web is developing in London, both online and off'
Lloyd Davis, Founder, Tuttle Club
'Great insights into past and present notions of what it takes to be a leader'
David Wilcox, Social Reporter
'Jemima's book captures the zeitgeist'
Joanne Jacobs, Social Media Expert Consultant
‘Monkeys with Typewriters’ was published on 9 December 2009 by Triarchy Press.

Katerina Kourmpan, MSc 2008 (recipient of Stelios Scholarship)

Piloting efficiencies at easyJet
After graduating from Cass I decided to stay in London and pursue any opportunity to start my professional career, despite the discouraging and harsh economic situation. My MSc in Supply Chain, Trade and Finance proved to be a valuable qualification since it equipped me with highly analytical skills, along with a sound knowledge of supply chain management and finance principles.
I joined easyJet in September 2009. I currently work as Operations Planning Analyst for the department of Operations Research, providing analytical and strategic support on a project-by-project basis.
The target is to continuously improve existing procedures through insightful analysis and recommendations. This creates lean and efficient new ways of working and operating as we become even more effective and drive costs ever lower.