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City’s Greatest Need

Many of our supporters choose to direct their gifts towards City's Area of Greatest Need, giving us the flexibility to fund projects according to the highest priority. These donations help to broaden the types of initiatives that the City Future Fund is able to support, such as cutting-edge research, extra-curricular activities and entrepreneurship.

Here are just two of the projects that we will be raising money for in the year ahead.


The Division of Optometry and Visual Sciences ‘Deep Freeze’ project 

City’s Optometry and Visual Sciences department require a ‘minus 80 degrees freezer’ that will allow the students and staff to keep tissue samples at the correct temperature and also safely dispose of biological waste. This freezer will be crucial to the research that the department is carrying out in high impact cell biology, work that will help combat and cure eye diseases.


Formula Student City Racing Team

Formula Student is an international engineering competition held each year in the UK. Student teams from around the world design, build, test, and race a formula style racing car at Silverstone. City’s team in their fifth year of competing – have been making real inroads in the contest, particularly with design.

Furthermore, the benefits to the students involved in Formula Student are immense. Students gain crucial transferable skills, learn about team building, and perhaps most importantly, gain the hands-on practical experience that can contribute to solving a current skills shortage in engineering.

Our Formula Student team rely entirely on donations and sponsorship. ;If you want to learn more, contact Jason.Barlow@City.ac.uk or on 020 7040 5231, or alternatively you can make a donation here.


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