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Care Leavers Initiative

Supporting and enabling young care leavers to achieve their academic potential through our dedicated care programme is a priority at City. Breaking the social care cycle is essential in giving these young adults the chance to see a promising future unfold. With that in mind we aim to, not only attract more care leavers to the University through our outreach work, but when they are here to provide them with a comprehensive support package that includes an annual bursary, a designated member of staff to offer them practical and pastoral support, priority accommodation that extends through the summer, priority for professional mentoring, and, mental health monitoring.

One of City’s care leavers, who has spent almost all of her life in care, was incredibly daunted by the prospect of studying at University. “It just felt that there was no safety net there and that if things went wrong, and with no one to turn to for support, it would simply be a huge waste of money and time. But after better than expected A Level results I really wanted to give it a go. What swung it was the amazing support that is in place for young people who have grown up in care. The bursary alone was a real tipping point for me. And having that member of staff who is always there when you’ve got concerns or worries has been invaluable. I’m just about to start my third year and – yes, I know it’s a cliché – I really feel that the world is about to become my oyster. It certainly didn’t feel like that three years ago.”

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